Brotherly Love

Adult & Teen Discussion Guide Everyone has a call to “ministry,” but it’s a lot less mysterious than it seems. Being a light to your world can be as simple as being a good friend. 1. Discussion  Matthew 11:19 [GW] “The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and people say, ‘Look at him! He’s a glutton […]

Suit Up

    Adult & Teen Discussion Guide Most Christians understand that God has a plan, a calling, for their life, but often don’t know what that really means. As it turns out, everyone is called to be a minister – to point other people to the truth about Jesus – and that calling is a lot less […]

Why People Need You

Adult & Teen Discussion Guide There’s a spiritual war going on all around us for the souls of our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. The powers of hell are formidable, the stakes are eternal – and it’s up to us to fight back on the front lines.  1. Discussion  2 Corinthians 4:4 [ESV] “… the god of this world […]

Broken People

  Adult & Teen Discussion Guide Life is messy – no one makes it for very long without collecting a few scars along the way. Brokenness in our past -or present- can turn us inward and drive us to cover up our story, but if we let Him, God can use the worst of our lives to […]

The Security of Humility

Adult & Teen Discussion Guide Nobody likes to be humiliated. From childhood on, we all learn to avoid embarrassing situations and improve our standing with others. In God’s leadership system, though, the noblest thing we can do is to voluntarily lower ourselves, not in shame, but in service to others. 1. Discussion  Philippians 2:3–4 [ESV] “Do nothing from […]

How to Overcome You

  Adult & Teen Discussion Guide It’s hard to do the right thing sometimes. Sure – in a vacuum, we can usually determine what God’s way is in any situation, and we’d like to think that’s the decision we would make. Real life doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though, and in the heat of the […]

Faith Like a Child

  Adult & Teen Discussion Guide In this life we’re all coming out of a hardship, in the middle of one, or about to go through one. When we were kids we didn’t have a care in the world because we knew our parents would take care of us. Like a child has trust in their parents, […]

What do you know?

  Adult & Teen Discussion Guide Knowing the Bible is a great thing – the more were read, study and memorize, the better! Knowing about God won’t do us any good, though, if it’s just knowledge. God wants us to know Him intimately – in a way that changes us fundamentally. 1. Discussion  Philippians 3:8-11 [ESV] “Indeed, I count everything […]

Connect to Community

Adult & Teen Discussion Guide “Changing the world” is a popular idea in America – from childhood, we were told we could change the world if we try hard enough. Of course, we learned early on that this wasn’t meant to be taken literally. No one person could actually make the entire world better, right? […]

Connect to People

Adult & Teen Discussion Guide Ever try to pull a large TV out of the box, set up a tent, or hang a ceiling fan by yourself? Some things in life are just easier with help from someone else. God created humans as social beings, and if we want to experience the full life He […]