Hard Question: Can I Trust the Bible?

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Family Devotional Adults 7-2-17Family Devotional Kids 7-2-17

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Adult & Teen Discussion Guide

1. Primary Statement

The Bible has a lot to say about many things in life, but how can you be sure you can trust it? Ultimately, it comes down to a question of faith, but below are a few reasons to tip the scales in favor of trusting it as God’s word.

2. Facts

The names of over 40 different kings of various countries mentioned in the Bible have all been found in contemporary documents and inscriptions outside of the Old Testament, and are always consistent with the times and places associated with them in the Bible.

In 1947, archaeologists discovered the Dead Sea scrolls. They were 1,000 years older than the oldest copy to that point, and they were 99.5% identical, the only differences being in spelling and sentence word order.

We have 5,000 ancient copies of the New Testament, all identical, and the earliest existing copies are just 50-100 years after the events they describe.

Q. Before now, have you ever taken a serious look at the historical evidence/criticism of the Bible?

Q. Does research like this make you more confident or less confident in the Bible?

3. Bible Verse

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 1:18 [NLT] 

“The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God.”

Jesus’ disciples didn’t take the gospel message lightly – they were willing to die for it. After Jesus commissioned them, Paul, along with 10 of the remaining 11 disciples, were speared, beheaded or crucified for their faith – hardly the sort of thing you’d do if you made up the story!

Q. Do you believe the Bible is the source of truth about God? If so, what evidence or factor was the most important in making your decision?

4. Prayer Focus

Take a few minutes as a family and thank God for telling us about Himself through the Bible. Ask Him to continue to speak to you as you study scripture, and to deepen your confidence in the Bible as the source of truth.

Family with Small Children Discussion Guide

1. Activity

“With God Nothing is Impossible!” 

Write our power verse for this week on a piece of a paper and cut it up word by word.   As a family, work together putting the pieces of the power verse back together.   As you do, help your kids memorize this verse.  This verse is key to help them with any type of difficulty or challenge they may face!

2. Bible Verse

Luke 18:27 “…What is impossible for people is possible with God.”

This week we continue our series “Say What?” by talking about the “Impossible.” Many people say things like, “That’s impossible,” but it’s important our children learn all things are possible with God!

Start by Reading Matthew 19:16-30.

Just then, a man came up to Jesus. He asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to receive eternal life?”

17 “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only one who is good. If you want to enter the kingdom, obey the commandments.”

18 “Which ones?” the man asked.

Jesus said, “ ‘Do not murder. Do not commit adultery. Do not steal. Do not be a false witness. 19 Honor your father and mother.’ (Exodus 20:12–16; Deuteronomy 5:16–20) And ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ ” (Leviticus 19:18)

20 “I have obeyed all those commandments,” the young man said. “What else do I need to do?”

21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go and sell everything you have. Give the money to those who are poor. You will have treasure in heaven. Then come and follow me.”

22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad. He was very rich.

23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “What I’m about to tell you is true. It is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is hard for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. But it is even harder for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

25 When the disciples heard this, they were really amazed. They asked, “Then who can be saved?”

26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With people, this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.”

27 Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What reward will be given to us?”

28 “What I’m about to tell you is true,” Jesus said to them. “When all things are made new, the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne. Then you who have followed me will also sit on 12 thrones. You will judge the 12 tribes of Israel. 29 Suppose anyone has left houses, brothers or sisters, father or mother, husband or wife, children or fields because of me. Anyone who has done that will receive 100 times as much. They will also receive eternal life. 30 But many who are first will be last. And many who are last will be first.

Q. What do you think the word “impossible” means?

Q. What do you think is “impossible”?

Q. When it comes to God, is there anything that you think is too hard or “impossible” for Him?

3. Application 

In our story today, we learn that nothing is impossible for God.  Even when things seem difficult, Jesus can do the impossible!

Read Mark 9:14-29

14 When Jesus and those who were with him came to the other disciples, they saw a large crowd around them. The teachers of the law were arguing with them. 15 When all the people saw Jesus, they were filled with wonder. And they ran to greet him.

16 “What are you arguing with them about?” Jesus asked.

17 A man in the crowd answered. “Teacher,” he said, “I brought you my son. He is controlled by an evil spirit. Because of this, my son can’t speak anymore. 18 When the spirit takes hold of him, it throws him to the ground. He foams at the mouth. He grinds his teeth. And his body becomes stiff. I asked your disciples to drive out the spirit. But they couldn’t do it.”

19 “You unbelieving people!” Jesus replied. “How long do I have to stay with you? How long do I have to put up with you? Bring the boy to me.”

20 So they brought him. As soon as the spirit saw Jesus, it threw the boy into a fit. He fell to the ground. He rolled around and foamed at the mouth.

21 Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has he been like this?”

“Since he was a child,” he answered. 22 “The spirit has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us. Please help us.”

23 “ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for the one who believes.”

24 Right away the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!”

25 Jesus saw that a crowd was running over to see what was happening. Then he ordered the evil spirit to leave the boy. “You spirit that makes him unable to hear and speak!” he said. “I command you, come out of him. Never enter him again.”

26 The spirit screamed. It shook the boy wildly. Then it came out of him. The boy looked so lifeless that many people said, “He’s dead.” 27 But Jesus took him by the hand. He lifted the boy to his feet, and the boy stood up.

28 Jesus went indoors. Then his disciples asked him in private, “Why couldn’t we drive out the evil spirit?”

29 He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.”

Q. What did Jesus say to the man in verse 23?  

Q. What does that verse mean to you?

Jesus healed the boy in our story because with Him nothing is impossible!  Whatever you need Jesus to do for you, or someone you love, Jesus can do it – because He can do the impossible if we just have faith and believe!

4. Prayer Focus

Ask your children what types of things they need Jesus to do for them or the people they love.  Pray together that He will do the IMPOSSIBLE!

One thought on “Hard Question: Can I Trust the Bible?

    Desiray said:
    July 3, 2017 at 10:14 am

    I trust God’s word, His word has never let me down. My faith is in Christ Jesus. Without Him I am nothing, my life is meaningless. But because of Him my life is grand. Not to say I am exempt from problems, but I don’t go through it alone. My Jesus is with me all the way.

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