Relationship with God

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Relationship with God

I was thinking this morning about a how often I hear the word relationship in reference to our involvement with God.  Now don’t get me wrong I love God and I love that He loves me!  I love John 15:15 in which Jesus says that he no longer calls us servants but that he now calls us friends!  I love that we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus and part of the family of God! (Romans 8:17)  But as always, here’s my concern….  I don’t always listen to my friends.  Sometimes I want to be around my friends and sometimes I want to be alone.  Sometimes people come into and out of my life that I have absolutely felt were my friends, but due to distance or time or just life they fade from my life.  I don’t feel bad about that; it just happens.  I also don’t feel that great of an obligation to always please my friends.  I don’t think of them when I’m spending my money, when I’m planning on where my family will vacation, what I’ll watch on television, or feel as if I owe them accountability in all the areas of my life….After all, they are friends not my bosses.  I’m free to live my life and they are free to live theirs.  We’re there for each other but there are limits to their involvement in my life and my involvement in theirs.

And there it is.

While I am in relationship with God and He is my father who loves me deeply and whom I love, He’s more than that.  He IS my master.  He IS my Lord.  He IS my boss.  We are so oriented towards independence and our own rights in this country that I’m afraid that sometimes we forget that we do have a master.  We are slaves of a sort.  We do serve.  I do owe accountability with EVERY area of my life.  Nothing is reserved from his instruction.  I have nothing over which He is not supposed to rule and reign.  Paul wrote…

and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness.” (Romans

6:18, ESV)

You see I have a concept of what friendship is and the perimeters of that relationship.  My tendency at times is to allow that same thinking to encroach in upon how I think about my orientation to God but He’s much more than that!  I owe him more.  I owe Him more accountability, more devotion, more time, more attention, more submission, in every way more than what I would offer even my closest friend.  Why, because God is not just my friend He’s my LORD!

The wonderful reality is that I am both friend and family!  The Kingdom of God is not a democracy or a republic it’s a benevolent dictatorship!  God is Master and Lord and his rule is absolute but He loves us eternally.  Let’s not forget that we have a master and let’s willingly surrender our lives to his Lordship!




One thought on “Relationship with God

    Nicki Hausman said:
    May 24, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    I agree that I need relationship and a master Who is worthy of my respect and awe. Amazing that He allows me to choose His slavery as my greatest service and calling. King forever!

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