God’s Ultimate Victory

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ultimate victory

This morning I began the preparatory work for a paper discussing the possibility that the theme of the New Testament is “God’s Ultimate Victory Over Evil.”  The scope of the paper requires that every New Testament book be considered in relation to that theme.  Therefore, I began reading Matthew in light of that theme.  My Goodness!  It’s everywhere!  Consider just the events in the early chapters of Matthew’s gospel:

  • The birth itself is a revelation of God’s desire to save mankind and overcome the evil brought into the world through man’s fall to sin through Adam.
  • The Holy Spirit causes Mary to conceive.
  • Joseph is reluctant so God sends an angel to convince him.
  • Herod has decided to kill Jesus so God warns Joseph in a dream and they flee to safety in Egypt.
  • John the Baptist preaches repentance to the people of Israel.
  • Jesus comes into His Messianic ministry and begins to perform great miracles of healing.

The list goes on and on of examples of God destroying evil in the form of sin in the lives of the Israelites and sickness in their physical bodies.  Every time Jesus comes in contact with evil, He instantly overcomes it.  Every effort of Satan or men to stop the work of God is defeated.

This is somewhat in contrast to how I used to think about the relationship between God and Satan.  I used to imagine God and Satan in conflict over the souls of mankind.  God was working with the angels to bring salvation to the world while at the same time Satan and the demons were working to pull people into sin and away from God.  It was a great heavenly chess match with some rounds being won by Satan and some by God.  You and I were the prize in this match and some people were God’s prize and some belonged to Satan.

Nothing could be further from the actual biblical reality.

God and Satan don’t compete.  There is simply no reality in which Satan has the ability or knowledge to engage God.  In fact, God made Satan and when God decides his time is up it will instantly be up.

What’s the message for you and me today?  God wins!

The growing evil in our world today will not ultimately overcome the good that God is doing in the lives of people.  No act of terrorism, no mass killing, no tyranny, no matter how great will overcome God’s plan to save men and women and to bless his children.  No matter who sits in the White House, Congress, or House of Representatives it is ultimately God who is all-powerful and in every way He will conquer evil.  In your own life, God has a great plan to care for you and nothing can stop that plan.  Rest assured today, that even when difficult things happen God is attentive, faithful, and He is working to conquer the evil around you!



Pastor Roy

One thought on “God’s Ultimate Victory

    Nicki Hausman said:
    October 17, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Such a good thing to remind us that God is not in competition or struggling with evil, but He is the Master of the Universe. So often our focus is distracted and we see darkness when all we need do is look to the Light of God’s word yo find our way again. Thanks

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