Genesis 12

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Discipleship Outline

1.  God’s Covenant with Abraham  (1-3)

  • The Lord said to Abram
  • To a land I will show you
  • I will make you a great nation
  • I will make your name great
  • I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you
  • Through you all the families of the earth will be blessed

Note: The primary focus of these verses is Abram’s faith as seen in his willingness to leave his home and family and go without knowing where he and his family would end up.  He simply trusted God to care for both he and his family.

2.  Abram leaves his homeland (4)

3.  Abram arrives in Canaan (5-6)

  • God appears to Abram in Canaan (7-9)
  • Then the Lord appeared to Abram
  • To your descendants I will give this land
  • And there he built an altar to the Lord
  • He pitched his tent

4.  Abram’s faith is tested through a famine (10)

  • There was a famine in the land
  • Note: Being in the center of God’s will does not prohibit difficulties
  • Abraham went down to Egypt
  • Note: Perhaps Abram thought he could solve this on his own and yet he ended up in trouble and rebuked by a pagan king.

5.  Sensing potential danger, Abram persuades Sarai to lie (11-13)

  • I know that you are a beautiful woman
  • Please say you are my sister
  • Sarai was Abram’s half sister.  Abram trusted in deception to protect him rather than the Lord.

6.  Sarai is taken into Pharaoh’s house (14-15)

7.  Abram leaves Egypt after being rebuked by a heathen king (16-20)

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