Roots Session 21

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JOHN 20:1-18

Was Mary alone when she went to the tomb of Jesus the first time?

Luke 24:9-10

How did the disciples receive Mary’s report of what she had seen?

Luke 24:11

Which two disciples were curious enough to go check out the tomb?

John 20:3

What did they find that would dispute that the body was stolen?

John 20:6-7

How does the position of the two angels, sitting over where Jesus lay when He was buried, hint that this is probably a new mercy seat (a new way open to God)?

Exodus 25:17-19

Women were not considered credible witnesses in Bible times, but who does John list as his main first witness to see Jesus after His death?

John 20:11

What in Mary’s past would have made her seem to be an unreliable witness?

Luke 8:2

What did Jesus ask Mary to do after she realized it was Him?

John 20:17

How does the resurrected Jesus state His relationship to believers & their relationship to God?

John 20:17

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