Roots LifeTeam Session 20

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MATTHEW 27:32-56

What was Jesus’ attitude about the crucifixion He knew He was to suffer?

Philippians 2:8

The custom, at the time of Jesus, was that those being crucified wear a placard around their necks announcing their crimes.  This placard was then hung over the criminals head on the cross for all to see.  What crime was listed on Jesus’ placard?

John 19:17-22

Jesus was being mocked by many but in particular how did the religious leaders (pastors & ministers) of that day mock Him?

Matthew 27:41-43

If Jesus would have done what the religious leaders said what would have happened to humanity?

What was done by God to Jesus on the cross & to us because of Jesus being crucified?

2 Corinthians 5:21

How are we to not view other people now because of what Jesus did on the cross?

2 Corinthians 5:16

What three miracles happened as Jesus died?

Matthew 27: 51-52

What should our attitude be because of Jesus crucifixion?

Philippians 2:1-5

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