Roots LifeTeam Session 19

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JOHN 16:1-15

Why would Jesus going away (physically leaving the earth) benefit humanity?

John 16:7

What three things was the Holy Spirit sent to convict the world (unbelievers) of?

John 16:8

What is the main sin the Holy Spirit convicts the world of?

John 15:9

How is condemnation removed from people?

John 3:18

What three things does the Holy Spirit provide for believers?

John 16:13

What is another one of the benefits the Holy Spirit provides for believers?

John 14:26

The main third function of the Spirit listed in these verses is to glorify_____?

John 16:15

So the three major functions of the Holy Spirit are:

A  to the world (unbelievers)—conviction of sin, righteousness & judgment

B  to believers—direction for their lives & truth

C  to Jesus—revealing Him to & through believers


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