Roots LifeTeam Session 18

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JOHN 11:1-44

What does the Bible say is the last enemy to be destroyed?

1 Corinthians 15:26

John 11:5 states Jesus loved Lazarus, so then why did He wait so ;ing to go to him when He knew Lazarus was sick?

John 11:4 & 14-15

Even though Jesus didn’t come as soon as they wanted & their beloved brother had died, how did Martha & Mary profess they still believed in Jesus?

John 11:21, 27 & 32

What statement did Jesus make about God, why did He make it & why is this significant to us?

John 11:41-42

How did the Pharisees (the religious leaders of that time) react to this miracle?

John 11:47-48 & 53

What lasting result did this miracle have in the town of Bethany?

John 12:9 & 11

What plans did the chief priests make for Lazarus because he was a walking testament to Jesus?

John 12:10

What prevented Jesus from performing very many miracles in His hometown?

Matthew 13:54-58

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