LifeTeam Roots Session 9

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JOSHUA 6 & 7

1.  There is no obstacle, circumstance, or need too large for God.

Before they even started, how had the Israelites won the battle?  Notice the tense of the verb.

Several times in Scripture God uses people & plans that seem foolish & weak to the world.  Joshua with trumpets & marching (Joshua 6), Gideon with torches & pitchers (Judges 7), & David with a sling (I Samuel 17).  To whom does the Lord look for to use in His plans?  2 Chronicles 16:9a

What did the Israelites provide in the victory at Jericho?  Hebrews 11:30

How do we inherit what has been promised to us?  Hebrews 6:12

2.  The first belongs to God, all of it.

It seems terrible to us that God commanded Israel to destroy all the humans in Jericho except Rahab & her family.  They did not always obey when God asked them to do this.  What was the result of this disobedience?  Nehemiah 13: 23-27

What do we gain if we obey God & do not become yoked with unbelivers?

2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

3.  God is always willing to redeem sinners.

What was Rahab?  Joshua 2:1

What had Rahab realized about the Lord of the Israelites?  Joshua 2:11b

What great honor came to Rahab because of her belief in God?  Matthew 1:5 (look at the heading of this chapter)

4.  Sin is a big deal.

Why would God blame the whole nation for the disobedience of only one?  God considered them one people, His people, not just an assorted collection of tribes, clans, & families.  Read what God speaks about them in Exodus 19: 5-6 (considered by Bible scholars to be the heart of the Old Testament.)

What does Paul say about believers in Christ?  1 Corinthians 12:12-13

In Roots 8 we learned to seek first God’s kingdom & righteousness & all these things would be given to us.  Matthew 6:33.  What does God promise if we seek Him first?  Matthew 6:25-32

Phillips Brooks statement:  Do not pray for easy lives; pray to be better men & women.  Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers equal to your tasks.

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