LifeTeam Session 7

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EXODUS 1:8-2:10

What prophecy did God give to Abraham that is being fulfilled in our scripture section?  Genesis 15:12-14

What does Romans 13:1 & 5 say about how we are to act toward governing authorities?

Exodus 1:20 states God was kind to the midwives even though they disobeyed the governing authorities.  How can this be considering the answer to the the former question?  Acts 5:29, Exodus 1:17

God chose to give Moses to his parents.  What does Hebrews 11:23 say about Moses’ parents that made them a wise choice?

Look at what Acts 7:20 & Hebrews 11:23 says about Moses.  What do you think made him this way?

God used a baby’s tears to change a princess’ heart.  God often uses what we humans consider weak & foolish things to accomplish His purpose.  Why would God do this?  1 Corinthians 1:25-29

What does God do for those, in whom, He delights?  Psalms 37:23





1.  If you were to die tonight can you be SURE you would go to heaven?

The only correct answer is yes.

2.  If you were to die tonight and had to stand before God and He asks you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?” what would you say?

The correct answer needs to be along the lines of:  Jesus died for me, paid the price for my sins and I have accepted Him into my heart.

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