The Joy of Easter

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All around brown is turning into green as Spring finally begins to actually displace Winter.  The birds are nesting, the flowers are about to burst into bloom and new life abounds.  In fact, that’s entirely what Easter is all about, New Life.

It amazes me when people reject the truth of Christ because they somehow feel as if their life will be diminished or restricted in some way by accepting Jesus.  No one who has lived in the actual presence of Christ can describe it as anything other than MORE life.  The verse that ALCC is named after is John 10:10 and speaks of the fact that Jesus has come so that we might have an ABUNDANCE of life.  Joy-filled, peace-filled, hope-filled, blessing-filled, LIFE!

Speak to anyone who has lived as a Christian after having lived for some period of time without Christ in their life and you will hear a common refrain that speaks of the wonderful change that living for Christ has made in their life.  Watch any life before Christ and after Christ and you will see the evidence of the new life that serving Jesus brings.

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus and the life that his resurrection brings.  I pray that this Easter you experience the fullness of life that Jesus rose to provide!


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