A Revolution

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Are you ready for a revolution?  This was the question that singer songwriter Kirk Franklin asked the church world several years ago on an album entitled, “The Nu Nation Project.”  While I’m sure most of you have not heard the song or perhaps even the name of the songwriter, the question that he suggested is one that resonates in my heart today.

In Matthew 24:12 Jesus said…

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…

This verse of scripture is found in the middle of a prophetic section of the book of Matthew and is part of Jesus’ answer to questions that his disciples asked him about what the world would be like just prior to his return.  Jesus takes quite a bit of time and gives a lot of information about the condition of the world during this future time.

It’s this verse about the hearts of believers turning cold that I think we should rebel against.

Rebellion is an uprising.  It’s a refusal to accept the predominate trend that most people are following.  It’s a decision and a commitment to swim upstream, against the flow, and contrary to what might be popular.  So let me ask you the question again.

Do you want a revolution?  I do.

I want to rebel against the vain philosophies of this world that leave men and women empty and hopeless.

I want to rebel against routine, dry, church services.

I want to rebel against the trend in my flesh to grow lazy and apathetic.

I want to rise above the natural limitations of my intellect, strength, and resources to impact this entire city, region, nation and world for Christ.

I want to rise above the naysayers that say that something like this can’t be done.  I intend to rebel against small dreams, half-measures, and shallow theology.  The price Christ paid for my soul was too high for me to settle for a half-life.  Someone has to change the world and it might as well be me and you! 

I have no doubt that the prophetic words of Jesus will come to pass.  However, he did not say that the love of all would grow cold, only that the love of most would.  Most isn’t all.  I intend to be in the minority that stays passionately in love with Jesus.  I intend to rebel!

How about you?


One thought on “A Revolution

    Todd Bartholomew said:
    February 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Yessss!! Lord!

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