Quite an Adventure

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Note:  This post was written on Sunday, January 26.

It’s Sunday morning and just about the time that most of you are rising for your day, we will be meeting with the children and families from the school in Soloy.  We are an hour ahead of you and the day here doesn’t move with the clock but with the sun.  In other words, things start early here.  We’ve been here at the school for the past two days.

This morning I have once again been amazed at how quickly our North American thinking and standards adjust to a different way of living.  While we were at the conference, we had no running water, building, and nothing but dirt for a floor and the sky for a ceiling.  Now that we are at the school we have buildings to sleep in, concrete floors, and electric lights as long as we have gasoline for the generator.  There is a pump that fills a tank from the River and we have running water.

What’s amazing is to hear our team’s comments about having a little room with a drain in the floor, a bucket full of water that they ran from a plastic pipe, and a plastic bowl that all serves as our shower.  I actually had a conversation with one of the teens who is with us about how great this system is!  Please understand that you can’t drink this water, there’s no light in the “shower” room, and this water is really cold!  What’s amazing is that just a few days ago, all of this was a hardship, now a five gallon bucket of water and a plastic bowl is luxury!

The first night we were here, the team sort of laughed at me for setting up the inside screen part of my tent in one of the classrooms and putting my cot inside it to sleep.  When the laughter and screams started about midnight because of the half dozen bats flying around over their heads, suddenly every room had tents.  However, after just one night you would have thought they slept with bats in their room every night.

I love watching the growing sense of thanksgiving and gratitude for the blessings of home, family, health, and opportunity.   I pray that we would all live in the knowledge of Gods blessings and allow that sense to regulate how we express care and grace to the world around us.

We will however enjoy a warm shower in a few days!


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