The Fall of Man

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This is our second session in the series of Great Stories from the Bible.  Follow along in Genesis 3:1-24.

Questions for the scriptures

1.  Who tempted Eve?

2.  Which tree were Adam and Eve not allowed to eat from?

3.  Why were Adam and Eve ashamed after eating from the tree?

4.  What was Eve’s unique punishment?

5.  What was Adam’s unique punishment?

The Fall of Man

1.  Mankind was created to be with God
  • Without God we all have an emptiness within us because we were created to be in God’s presence.
  •  Only God can fill that void in our lives

2.  Sin (our deliberate disobedience) separated us from God

3.  God is righteous and holy

  • What does righteous mean?
  • What does holy mean?

4.  We were created with the ability to choose.

5.  Sin caused us to be forced away from God

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