Troubled World

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troubled world

What a week we have had!  The bombings in Boston, the explosion in Texas, and a seemingly non stop barrage of media stories about gun control, same-sex marriage, and lets not forget North Korea!  Fear abounds in our nation.  As of this morning the city of Boston is shut down because of a remaining at-large bombing suspect.  North Korean leaders continue to spew a rhetoric that seems likely to end in some sort of military conflict and there is a palpable distrust within our nation for our own leaders.  As a nation we face what seems to be an unavoidable financial crisis due to our daily increasing $16.8 trillion debt, and many of the institutions that secure our nations ability to survive are under attack.

Wow!  How then should the church respond?  With FAITH!

Jesus said, in Matthew 24:37:

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

GREAT NEWS!  Jesus is coming again!

When fear and trouble abound people look for answers, peace and safety.  You and I know that there are no real answers, peace or safety without Jesus!  In the midst of all of these situations you and I must live a life that demonstrates that real faith makes a real difference!  This is not a time for the wringing of our hands and hiding in our homes!  These are the days when we need to aggressively advance the Kingdom of God through a demonstration of a peace-filled life made possible through a faith grounded upon the Word of God and confirmed by the Holy Spirit through our daily communication with our Father.

These are the days when arguments against Christianity can be destroyed if you and I will live what we say we believe.  You see nothing else offers any hope.  Atheists, Agnostic Intellectuals,  and those without Jesus and His word sit paralyzed with fear and offer no hope for those in a similar state.  You and I cannot be those people.  Rather, with faces and hearts turned heavenward we must live a life that reveals the power of the faith within us.  We were made for just such a time.

I believe that God is raising up leaders for a great harvest of the lost.  I want to be one of those leaders!  Do you?


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