Moving Forward

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moving forward

This morning I knew that it was time to begin the process of moving myself and the church forward in a bold fashion.

We are once again out of children’s space and bathrooms and in short order we will be uncomfortable in the sanctuary once again as well.  With all of that in mind I began a thorough examination of the book of Nehemiah (a guy who built some things) looking for principles, attitudes, and strategies.

While you may not be leading a church through growth stages, it occurred to me that these principles are good for all of life, not just leading a church.

All of these are found in chapter one and half of chapter two.  I pray that they bless you as they already have me!

1.  Nehemiah prays to know how to pray.   – Holy Spirit guidance

2.  Nehemiah begins in repentance for his sins and the sins of the people.

3.  God had promised Moses that if the people would obey Him and follow Him that he would gather together the people no matter where they were found. – The Lord will bring the people in.

4.  Nehemiah prayed for success.  –Expect to do well!

5.  Nehemiah was passionate about the things that God is passionate about. – Have the heart of God.

6.  It’s alright to be afraid. – You are still human.

7.  Even if you are afraid you must have courage and move. –Fear can be overcome!

8.  The King expects a goal and a schedule.–This is an exacting process.  No shots in the dark here!

9.  The King supplies what is needed to complete the work. – This is too big for us and always has been!

10. The forces of the King go with and around Nehemiah. –You are not alone!

11. We should expect and prepare for resistance.  Winston Churchill said, “So you have enemies.  Good, that means you stood for something!”

Throughout this process I see humility and dependence upon the Lord in Nehemiah.  However, I also see the strategic mind of a skilled leader in whom the presence of the Lord was working.  This is an unstoppable combination.  I firmly believe that God is still looking for people who will allow their abilities to be coupled with His anointing to move the lives of His people forward in a miraculous way!

Are you the one?


Pastor Roy

One thought on “Moving Forward

    Patty bays said:
    April 8, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    I cannot build anything, but I can paint what you build. 🙂

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