The Power of Recreation

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As many of you know this past week I was blessed to be able to take a week off with nine other men from the church.  We traveled almost a thousand miles North into Canada where we spent a week fishing on the Winnipeg River at Kenora Ontario.  It was a great week of not only fishing, but also fellowship.

However, the very best aspect of the trip was the recreation.  You might be tempted to say that the whole trip was recreation.  In the sense that we normally use the word recreation I guess it was, but I want you to consider for a moment what the word recreation actually means.  Look at it.  Do you see re-creation or created again?  That’s actually what the word used to mean.  Being created all over.  Its meaning was derived from the sense that at times people need to break from their routines, find a less-busy, less-hectic pace, get some rest, clear the mind and be created over.

With our understanding of the one who created us in the first place these times should be times of spiritual renewal and refreshing.  That’s exactly what this week was for me.  While I love the fishing and the fellowship, what I really love is the quiet, the change of scenery, the lack of a schedule, and the ability to just talk with the Lord while experiencing the beauty of his creation.

In contrast, think about some of the things that we call recreation or vacations.  They are filled with an even faster pace, less rest, long lines, and more stress.  While these may be fun, I know for me, I need these other, slower paced, less busy, more restful times to truly be re-created.

During these times I always have time in the scriptures, I love worship music so when I fished by myself I had music playing out of my iphone, and I just talked to the Lord about life.  I came home with a clearer sense of God’s purpose for my life, my family’s life, and vision for the church.  It was an awesome and needed time of recreation.

Let me suggest that you make time not only for fun this summer, but also recreation!

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