Power of Prayer

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I have been acutely reminded of the power and necessity of prayer this week.  Those of you who read this blog may not be familiar with the fact that here at Abundant Life Community Church we feel called of God to become the very best we can be in two vitally important areas: Discipleship and Prayer.  In fact, initially we are linking these two together.

We have begun the process of training 45 disciple makers.  As part of that training we have required each of them to identify 8 people with whom they already have relationship but who are not currently Christ-followers.  After identifying these eight people they must then begin interceding for these people daily asking God to open a door of communication about spiritual things with one or all of these people.  In just one week of praying, the reports are already amazing.

Let me share just two.  One of our trainees had a man on his list that did not know the Lord and had never been to our church.  After asking the Lord to create an opportunity to talk to this individual about being a Christ follower with the hope of beginning the discipleship journey, the trainee was amazed when the man for whom he had been praying came to our Sunday morning service!

One of our trainee ladies had placed a friend of hers on her list and had begun praying that God would soften her heart and create an opportunity for the beginning of the discipleship journey.  This friend called the trainee last night in a crisis and was asking for her counsel and help!

James 5:16 tells us that when a righteous person lifts up prayers that are effective and passionate they make a great difference.  Let me give you the guidelines that we are following that I believe is causing these prayers to be answered in such dramatic fashion.

First, we have no doubt that we are moving in a direction that is ordained by the Lord.  The prayers we are praying are in exact alignment with what the Lord wants to accomplish and as such we have complete confidence that God will give us what we are praying for.  In this particular case its easy to know we are praying the will of the father but what about other areas of prayer that might be less obvious in the scriptures or unique to us?

I believe that the secret is to listen to and be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit in the formation and substance of our prayers.

Even before we pray, we are asking the Holy Spirit to direct us in what we pray for and to guide us into God’s will for every situation.  Then we simply pray in faith believing that we are inline with God’s will and as such we pray with confidence.

Second, we spend most of our time interceding for the needs of others rather than our own needs.  We pray that God’s kingdom would be increased and in the process our needs are met.  We “Seek first His kingdom”.

How about you?  Are you experiencing the awesome blessing of seeing God use you to bring His Kingdom to earth?  I believe you can if you will simply align yourself with God’s desire for people and then begin proactively praying that His kingdom would come to each of these lives and situations.

It’s an amazing adventure!  Why not get started praying today?


One thought on “Power of Prayer

    Jane Rowden said:
    January 17, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    It is working and it is amazing!

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