Some Things Aren’t Easy

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I was thinking last night about something that I wish I would never have to think about again.  I was dwelling on the faces of a couple who no longer attend our church.  I know that it shouldn’t but it always bothers me when someone chooses not to attend.  It’s always amazing to me how my logical mind can see all of the new families and excitement and yet the emotional part of me is still bothered for months about a few who have made a decision to do something else.

I think the reason that it bothers me is that no one learns anything and no one grows.  You see it’s easy to quit.  Pastors quit when leading gets hard or resistance is felt or they feel unappreciated.  Church members quit when they feel unattended, uncared for or unheard.  I have decided that even if a pastor faces difficulties and IS unappreciated and even if church members ARE uncared for and unheard you should NEVER QUIT!  I have friends in the ministry that believe that it’s better for some people to move on to some other church.  I wholeheartedly disagree!

My rational for that statement comes from thinking about what the purpose of the church is.  Our foremost commission is certainly reaching the lost, but secondary only to that is the discipleship and growth of the members of the Body of Christ.  Now do you suppose that the development of character and REAL strength comes from ease or difficulty?  The difficulty of living in proper relation with others in the Body of Christ causes us to grow and become stronger.  Perhaps the thing about your church that you dislike the most, is there by God’s design to change who and what you are.  Perhaps it’s time that we as members of the Body of Christ put away the consumer mindset that says we should always have everything we want and we will shop until we find a church custom made for us and determine that we will learn, change, and grow to fill our place of ministry right where we are.

You can be sure that Satan is watching.  If there is a thing that can cause you to quit, then you can be sure that it’s on the way.  I have said for years to my congregations that the chance of me offending you is 100%.  Stick around long enough and my life will be moving across yours.  It’s in that moment that you and I both learn and grow.  If we quit neither of us learns anything!

Just some thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Some Things Aren’t Easy

    Leigh House said:
    November 30, 2011 at 9:30 am

    For the record Pastor Roy, because of your divine appointment at a unique time in my life, I did not quit. It was uncomfortable, different, difficult and it stretched me more than I’d ever been stretched before, but because of you and I meeting at the perfect time in my life, I stayed and have grown more than I ever would have otherwise. And because of that, even when you moved to your new divine appointment, I was strong enough in my faith by that point to stay put. THANK YOU!!!

    Forever grateful~ Leigh House

    Jane Rowden said:
    December 2, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Ah, commitment. To Christ and to the Church. Not easy or comfortable, but necessary to move forward in spiritual character and growing in love for one another. If one begins to feel unattended, uncared for or unheard, perhaps one could benefit from attending to others, caring and listening. I’m just sayin’! Commitment produces communion.
    Thanks for making me think and meditate, Pastor Roy.

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