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Last night I was involved in one of the saddest evenings I’ve had in a very long time.  A young lady that I know had posted some things on Facebook that I felt compelled to respond to.  During the course of my response to her I simply assured her of our love for her and the constancy of that love no matter what she chooses.  During the course of this, a couple of her friends began to post concerning the existence or lack of existence of God and the foolishness of those who believe in God.

My sadness resulted from the resoluteness of these early teens’ conviction in things contrary to God.  They spouted things related to their belief like an understanding of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), a natural occurring hormone in the body that contributes to our ability to dream and in recent years has been suggested to account for the “near-death heaven” experiences as it is released at death.  DMT is a class one hallucinogen that is now used like LSD in the 60’s.  These kids joked with each other about the availability of it in Alton and even jokingly encouraged each other to try it.  All of this from very young teens and seemingly without any thought for the consequences of joking about these things much less actually believing in and potentially acting upon these beliefs.  I realize that there is a pretty good chance that much of this communication is teen bravado and probably not the actual experience of these kids but the ease with which they speak of these things indicates at least a knowledge and perhaps actual experience. 

My question is where are the parents of these teens?  Where is the adult supervision of their development and where are the guardians of their future?  To be honest I am concerned that they might actually be experimenting with DMT but I am more concerned that teens in the most formative years of their lives are being left alone to embrace whatever seems best to them and then to encourage through social network sites, their friends to do the same.  From what I can tell, these discussions are a nightly occurrence with no parental consequence of any kind.

Teens are no different today than they have always been.  They crave freedom, expression, independence, and notoriety.  What has changed is that in past generations there were diligent, strong, caring parents present to guide these kids around the destructive patterns that I witnessed last evening.

What does that mean to us? 

Our job has never been bigger or more difficult and our time has never been shorter.  Will you join me in praying that God would give us strategies and resources to intervene in these lives before its too late?  It will be yet another really hard thing, but hey we love those!


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