Serving God

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In Ecclesiastes 9:10 we read…
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might…

That verse came to me as I was thinking about the preaching /teaching that I do at the church.  Currently I am preaching on Sunday morning and on Wednesday morning as well as teaching in the new verse by verse study that has started on Wednesday evenings.  These take up quite a bit of time to prepare for, but there are two others that I really need to do.  We desperately need to get one-on-one discipleship started and I need to lead the first group of people through our process so that they will have a good understanding of what the process is all about.  Also, I feel strongly that I need to craft some sort of unique group for the college age young adults of our church.  Something that digs deep and challenges them on every level.  I believe that I have some experiences to share with them that could really draw some of them closer to the Lord.

The question that all of this brings to my mind is when? 

I want to do all of these and feel that all of these really need to be done, but I’m not sure that I can do all of these with “might”.  Do you ever feel caught between having to choose between two equally worthwhile endeavors?  Ever been pulled in multiple directions but not between good things and bad things but between good things and other good things?

First let me say that this is where you should be living. 

Not fighting the battle to live for Christ, but rather fighting the battle of what area that God is opening up for me and I am going to step into today.  It is an exciting and rewarding thing to see and feel the opportunity of God. 

Where is God calling you to be used?  You were not created, saved and gifted to sit on the sides only using your gifts for the world’s profit, rather you were made to benefit your heavenly father.  The church abounds in opportunities for ministry. 

Have you found your place of service yet?

Hey if nothing else, I could use a little help!  Won’t you pray about what God would have you do?  I’ll be praying that you do!


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