What Music Does God Like?

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I was listening to the radio on the way to drop off Jack for school and then on to the church.  I am always tuned into the local Christian radio station and I was enjoying a song by a popular artist when a thought popped into my head “What kind of music does God like?”  Let me give you my best opinion.

I believe that music, while greatly enjoyed by people, was created, as was everything to give praise and glory to God.  Now remember that I believe that EVERYTHING was created to give praise and glory to God.  Don’t isolate music as the only thing that has worth when it is overtly worship or church music.  And what is it that makes music worship music anyway?

Let me propose an experiment.  Let’s take a recording of the vilest music that exists.  I’m not sure what piece of music that is, but somewhere it exists.  Now let’s take that music and play it on some sort of music player with an amplifier and speakers.  But here’s the catch, lets place that player in the middle of the Sahara Desert in a place hundreds of miles from anyone.  Can you picture it?  There’s nothing but sand, weeds, and lizards.  In that setting, how does God feel about that music?  My opinion is that in that setting, He doesn’t care about it at all.  Why?  Because I believe that music is nothing separate from people to hear it.  It is a vehicle designed to solicit a response in humans. 

It is the human, emotional response to the melody, tone, tempo, rhythm, and lyrics of the music that is significant, apart from that response, music is just intervals and numbers.

Back to our original question, “What music does God like?”  I believe that God likes any music that causes people to experience emotions that push them closer to Him.  Music that lifts Him up and creates an atmosphere in the hearts and minds of people that the Holy Spirit can inhabit. 

What music does God like?  I think it’s the music that makes us think about Him.


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