In the Presence of God

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Do you ever feel God’s presence?  I do. 

In fact I feel His presence particularly profoundly today.  You might ask “What does it feel like?”  To be honest, it’s different things. 

It’s a deep abiding peace that gives me great confidence in His love and care for me. 

It’s an awe that arises as I see things that were there unnoticed yesterday. 

It’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I hear the breath sounds of the little bed thief that crept in at 5AM.  

It’s the flood of memories that sweep into my mind as the outside temperature matches that of Germany, our first home as a couple. 

It’s the sound of the wind blowing through the trees as I sit in our church’s prayer garden writing this. 

It’s the building excitement of knowing that all my children will be together in a few days for Hannah’s wedding mixed with the sadness of the eventuality of her moving away.

Overcome by the thought of one day being in His presence. 

One thought leads to another. 

Introducing my children to their grandfather, my dad who died before they were born…One day…What a day!

It’s joy, mixed with tears, mixed with expectation, mixed with excitement, mixed with hope.

It is the very best of what this life holds with the expectation of something so much better as to be unimaginable.

Paul said in Ephesians 1:14 that the Holy Spirit was the “earnest of our inheritance”.  Or said another way that God’s presence is the down payment of what heaven will be in its entirety.

It’s good, poured on top of wonderful, covered in awesome. 

It’s life and hope and peace and joy and love and grace and mercy and acceptance and kindness all wrapped up in right now, wherever.

Yep, I’m an addict!  I’m not looking for a cure.

I earnestly hope that you experience God’s presence today.  It’s the best part of this life.


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