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I was thinking this morning about aspects of life that lead to success.  What are the ingredients that fill the lives of those who seem to always end up on top?  While these lives get their share of hardships and trials, they seem to always rise above these things.  The difficulties that seem to push others down push them up.

As I thought about these things a verse of scripture came to mind. 

Consider Romans 5:3 … 

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance…


Endurance, is also called perseverance.   It’s a quality that frankly I see less and less often.  It’s that quality that says “I won’t quit!”  The quality in a person that even when the body is tired and the spirit weak they hang on anyway.   I’m not sure and I can’t prove it scripturally but I think that at times the Lord pushes us well beyond what we think we can handle. 

Isaiah 40:31 says that those who wait upon the Lord have their strength renewed, but it doesn’t say how long the wait is.  Sometimes when I read that, the picture that comes to mind is that the moment fatigue begins to be felt, the Lord rushes in with a fresh amount of strength.  The experience of my life and in the characters that I read about in the Bible, is something more akin to us hanging on to the rope above the deep ravine until just the second prior to our grip completely failing us then the Lord comes and refreshes us.  Then the next time we find ourselves being taxed we can hang on longer.

Always growing, always increasing.  Also I see the Lord whispering in our ear, “Come on… you can do it… push a little harder, push, push, push! 

I have no doubt the Lord knows better than us how much we can do and intends that we find out!

Read the next verse in Romans 5 and see what the end of this endurance is….


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