God Inspired Idea

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Today I we saw a phenomenal example of what a single God-given idea can do.  The house in this picture is the headquarters of a ministry that you can find at www.jesus.net and it was an idea birthed through a new friend of mine named Eric.

In 1999 the internet was just beginning to take hold here in Europe and God placed an idea in the heart of Eric to use the internet to reach out to people across the world for Jesus.  At that time there was not a single church-based site on the whole of the net.  It seems to us as if the internet has always been around but really it had just begun in 1999 as it had only been released for commercial use in 1995.  Anyway, Eric had this idea to build a site where people could learn about Jesus and find discipleship ideas that could help them in their growing faith.  That initial website was in French and had the name “top Christian” or “cool Christian” (English translations of the French name) and it was pretty much just Eric working from the church he was pastoring. 

A lot of people thought that Eric was wasting his time trying to use this new technology for the Kingdom of God and as such support was almost non-existent.  But this was a God idea, and miracles always follow God-given ideas.  Today, 12 years later, that initial website is now offered in 23 languages and if you go to the site you can watch in real time as people from all around the world indicate that they have made a decision to follow Christ. 

What can a God idea do?

Since it’s release 2.5 million people have indicated that they decided to follow Christ because of the website!   That’s what a God idea can do and He’s got more of them!  I believe He’s got one for you!


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